Environmental Commitment




At every stage we are aiming to deliver an exceptionally high quality product, while also keeping an eye on our ethical & environmental responsibilities. And look, we wish we were already zero footprint, but we are a way off yet. Still, we are always trying & always welcoming ideas on how we can do even better. 

Our tees & tanks are Aussie made, 100% Organic cotton. We aim to minimise waste & adhere to sustainable practices, while delivering you the softest, highest quality natural fibres. 

We know you value clothing that has been made with a socially responsible and an eco-friendly mindset.

We know you want them to be long lasting too. 

It is our hope that you wear your Caliburn tops again & again and find real value in every purchase.

Our Kaftans are designed in Australia & made in Cambodia. Our Cambodian team are high quality crafts-women, creating our products in a safe workplace with fair pay. 

We know that it’s important to you that the clothing you wear is Ethically made, with a real commitment to minimise our impact on the environment.

We use beautiful fabrics sourced locally from Cambodian garment manufacturers and rescued before being turned into waste.  Not only does this mean a lovingly crafted new life for these fabrics, but also a unique dress that very few can claim to own.